Hooked on Ball

In the Armenian culture, children (mainly boys) are exposed mostly to chess, soccer, weightlifting, and boxing, while girls do dance and/or ballet. Living freely in America is such a blessing for us because there is so much more out there that we can expose our children to. Of course Michael already has a chess set, and more soccer balls than I can keep track of, but we love exposing him to different sports and letting him find his niche.

I recently got him a Tee-Ball set, thinking it would be beneficial for his hand-eye coordination, and to my surprise, he used it several times before putting soccer balls on the tee, and trying to bat with the soccer balls. It was pretty funny, but at least he was hitting the ball (which was my main goal to begin with).

My husband wanted to see what Michael’s reaction would be if we took away the tee, and tried to pitch him the ball instead. To both of our surprise, he hit the ball on his very first try. Not only did he hit the ball, he “knocked it out of the park” as my husband likes to say.

My husband and I both believe the more he is exposed to different types of sports, he more well rounded he’ll be: both as an athlete, and as a person. In Armenia, baseball is unheard of, and American Football is not even an option. It’s interesting for us to see what kind of sport he will get into.

I grew up doing competitive gymnastics my whole life, while my husband played basketball, and was captain of our  high school water-polo team. We already know he’s going to participate in those sports because, well, why not?

I wonder, what are your thoughts on different types of sports? Do you believe in having your child stick to one sport, or introduced to a variety of sports? What route have you taken, and what was the outcome?

All the best,

Splish-Splash with Moby

Bath time is always more fun when you know your child is safe. A toddler is like the energizer bunny; they’re constantly on the move, filled with the world’s energy, and never seem to stop. Bath time is not any different.

While my husband was giving Michael a bath one evening, he slipped and fell backwards almost hitting his head on the faucet; luckily, my husband caught him before he fell. At that moment, I knew I had to find a solution to cover the faucet before an incident like that happened again.

I found the SkipHop Moby Bath Spout  and it was just what I was looking for. It’s designed to fit any faucet with adjustable straps so it’s sturdy and won’t fall off. Unlike other faucet covers I came across which are bulky, complicated, splash water around, this one is made of tough rubber that protects the baby, especially if they accidentally bump their head. It also has two straps (the whale’s fins) that are adjustable: simply pull the straps and it will tighten around the faucet so it doesn’t fall off. The cute little tail also acts as a hook incase you decide to hang it when not in use; I personally keep it on the faucet since it’s so darn cute. It is also PVC and Phthalate free, and if you really want to clean it between uses, you can stick it in the dishwasher for a squeaky clean Moby Whale. Yup, the dishwasher.


At only $13.00 it won’t break the bank, and you know your child is safe while in the tub. I just wish I knew about this sooner.

The SkipHop Moby collection also has other items that are very useful during bath time. I also personally love the Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser which has a rubber tip and makes it easy to rinse baby’s head without getting water in their eyes and ears. Simply, place the rubber tip up against the baby’s hairline and rinse their hair. You’ll be surprised at the amount of water the rinser can hold. At first, I was skeptical about the size, but after using it once during bath time, I realized it was perfect and just what I needed.


After seeing me use the rinser on him several times, Michael now tries to pour water on himself, which is pretty good since he’s learning to be independent, and maybe try to bathe himself. Sure, he gets the water everywhere, but it’s a learning process which I don’t mind at all. Anything that makes bath time more enjoyable for toddlers is worth the investment; especially if it’s keeping them safe.

Skip Hop also has the bath stopper (which I do not have yet) and a bath mat that has suctions on the bottom to provide a non-slip grip at the bottom of the tub (I do plan on getting eventually). I personally just love the theme of the product line. It’s makes bath time so much more fun for him, and adds character to the bathroom. Everyone who enters the bathroom knows that this is “Michael’s Bathroom”.


Give Moby a try. It won’t let you down, I promise. 🙂

Happy Bath time,

Hooked on Dove

My favorite bath product for adults is now available for babies!! Can you just picture my reaction when I came across Baby Dove for the first time walking the isles at Target? Did I need to get body wash and lotion for Michael? Nope, but you can bet I picked it up, did a little happy dance, and put it in my cart, while another mom looked at me like I was the weirdest character she had seen all day. Without doing any research, or reading other people’s reviews on the product, I immediately trusted the product because it’s from Dove. I knew I needed to try this for my son. Did I make sure he got a bath that night? Oh, you bet! I was very excited, and could not wait until bath time. But first, a picture:


Just from the body wash’s creamy texture, and rich density, I knew it was going to be great. My son loved the product (tear free, and gentle). I love how soft and moist it left his skin, and how smooth and oil free his hair was after drying it, which is a “Horrayyy” moment since other baby washes left his hair oily.

The lotion, you ask? WOW! All I can say is WOW! From the subtle smell, to the texture, to the creamy thickness of the cream, everything about this lotion is simply perfection. I’ve never had a lotion leave my son’s skin this soft and moisturized. Michael has eczema that flares up constantly and causes extreme dry, cracked, and itchy skin. Now that I’ve been using the Baby Dove product as a combo for his bath time routine, I have noticed the biggest difference in his skin. His flare ups are less cracked, less itchy, and when he does have a flare up, it’s not as red and irritated as it used to be. Obviously, this is not a cure for his eczema, but it is a one solution that has been keeping it under control, especially with the summer heat we’ve been getting in Los Angeles.

Now, I haven’t used the entire line of products yet for Michael, but I do plan on doing so in the near future. With only 35 days left until Baby #2 arrives, I plan on stocking up on the products and even trying out their baby wipes, shampoo, and even the bar soap. With the body wash and lotion being so amazing, I am sure the other products are just as great. Dove is a name I have trusted for many, many years, and with my very positive experience with the Baby Dove products, I know it will be a brand I trust for many years to come.

Keep your babies moisturized, and give this product a try. You won’t regret it.

All the best,