Hooked on Ball

In the Armenian culture, children (mainly boys) are exposed mostly to chess, soccer, weightlifting, and boxing, while girls do dance and/or ballet. Living freely in America is such a blessing for us because there is so much more out there that we can expose our children to. Of course Michael already has a chess set, and more soccer balls than I can keep track of, but we love exposing him to different sports and letting him find his niche.

I recently got him a Tee-Ball set, thinking it would be beneficial for his hand-eye coordination, and to my surprise, he used it several times before putting soccer balls on the tee, and trying to bat with the soccer balls. It was pretty funny, but at least he was hitting the ball (which was my main goal to begin with).

My husband wanted to see what Michael’s reaction would be if we took away the tee, and tried to pitch him the ball instead. To both of our surprise, he hit the ball on his very first try. Not only did he hit the ball, he “knocked it out of the park” as my husband likes to say.

My husband and I both believe the more he is exposed to different types of sports, he more well rounded he’ll be: both as an athlete, and as a person. In Armenia, baseball is unheard of, and American Football is not even an option. It’s interesting for us to see what kind of sport he will get into.

I grew up doing competitive gymnastics my whole life, while my husband played basketball, and was captain of our  high school water-polo team. We already know he’s going to participate in those sports because, well, why not?

I wonder, what are your thoughts on different types of sports? Do you believe in having your child stick to one sport, or introduced to a variety of sports? What route have you taken, and what was the outcome?

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17 thoughts on “Hooked on Ball

  1. This Mum At Home says:

    We love to do different things with our kids in our free time. Usually though if they are signed up for something eg gymnastics then its just the one thing at a time that we do. Just gets a bit hard with school, homework etc.

  2. Shannon says:

    I love that you’re exposing him to different sports! My thinking is that I will let my girls pick whichever sports they want but they can only do one per season and they have to finish the season even if they don’t plan to do it again the following year.

  3. Nicole Anderson says:

    Getting involved in sports is great for kids of all ages. The wider the range the better. I think it is particularly good to be involved in at least one water sport, so that kids learn to swim and not be afraid in water. Team sports are a great way to make friends and these friendships can last a lifetime!

  4. Corinne says:

    This was so wonderful! Your husband is so involved with your son in helping with sports! To answer your last question, I believe you should let them try whatever they’re interested in 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    I love letting my kids explore different activities. You don’t have to go all in all at once to let them try stuff. I think getting the t-ball set was perfect! Both my son and daughter played t-ball this year and we had a blast!

  6. je55iemullin5 says:

    I love this! I agree…the more exposure the better. I want to expose my kiddo to all kinds of stuff so that he can figure out for himself what his interests and passions are.

  7. Maranda Laverdure says:

    It is good to let them explore, but as I have seen mentioned above too much can be overwhelming for a child. We have left it up to our children to make decisions based on what they would like to do!

  8. Erin says:

    Love this! My girls are in dance, gymnastics and art. I think focusing on one or two sports at a time is best but each child is different. Thanks so much for your thoughts here!

  9. Tami (@ThisMomsDelight) says:

    My thought is this: don’t overload them. I do agree that they should be exposed to several opportunities but not all at once. My daughter tried soccer, then basketball, then softball. She returned to soccer which she enjoyed most of all.

  10. Arthur says:

    I think best sports are team sports like Basketball, Soccer, Water Polo where an athlete has to work with his/her team, run plays, coordinate, and execute, to get a successful outcome. The more sports you play the more well rounded you become. I personally love water polo, THE BEST exercise hands down, plus the athlete becomes a pro in the water, something parents always worry about, their kids in the water.

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