Hello, again.

IMG_7348Peek-a-boo! I see all of you. I am so humbled with the love and support I have received this past month on my social media in regards to my blog. Each and every one of you have encouraged and inspired me to continue with my blog, and tell my story as it is. Social media is a wonderful place to grow your blog and grow your network (mine being the mommy network). Being a stay-at-home mom is very rewarding, yet at times, can be very lonely. Thankfully, having a supportive mom network on Instagram and on the blog helps with lonely moments while sitting in a quiet room nursing my newborn baby. I’ve welcomed over 800 new mom bloggers, and influencers across all my social media platforms, and I thought I’d take a moment and introduce myself with some unknown things about me.

  1. I was born in Armenia (a small Europearmenia-mapan Christian country), but moved to the US when I was 2.
  2. My younger sister is my backbone, and biggest motivator for my blog entries. She’s always cheering me on, and encouraging my next blog posts; including this one.
  3. I spent 18 years doing competitive gymnastics, and hold awards such as State Champion, and Regional Qualifier. My gymnastics career came to an end due to an injury which dislocated my hips, and broke my wrists. (I’m all better now though).
  4. I am a bookworm amongst my friends. I’m totally okay with that.
  5. In high school, I asked my crush to Prom in front of my math class; He said yes. Now we’re married and have 2 boys.Gerbera Daisies
  6. If I ever have a girl, I would name her Amelia Belle.
  7. I love random facts.
  8. My favorite season is Autumn.
  9. My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy.
  10. I handwrite all my blog drafts before typing them up.
  11. I love planners, stationaries, calendars, and ALL “teacher-y” stuff that helps keeps things organized.
  12. My favorite drawer at home is my laundry drawer. It smells so clean and fresh.
  13. My favorite number is 4 because sometimes “3rd time’s the charm” doesn’t cut it.
  14. Everyone complains about the L.A. traffic; it really doesn’t bother me.
  15. My 3 favorite colors are pink, yellow, and white.To Do List
  16. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess.
  17. Sometimes, Motherhood scares me, and I wonder if I am cut out for the job.
  18. I love country music.
  19. I have an inner cowgirl, and I wish I lived in Nashville.
  20. I love making lists, and “To-Do” Lists.

Although I can go on and on, I’d like to leave it off here and continue another time. I love meeting new moms, and building a strong network because after all, no one gets us moms like other moms. I would love to hear a few things about each of you, so I can get to know you a little bit better too.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How did you get into blogging?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about motherhood?

Thanks again for all the wonderful followers, you truly make blogging worthwhile.

Rock on mamas,

Hooked on BUGZ!

I hate bugs! Everything about them creeps me out, and makes my body itchy. So, what do you think I did when I found out there was a Bug Fair coming to our local museum? YUP! You guessed it! I bought us tickets and took my toddler, Michael, to explore the bugs. Now, why would I do such a thing? Because I saw Michael playing with some ants in the yard, and was showing interest in creepy crawlers, and it was the perfect opportunity to expand his curiosity.

I sucked up my fear, got my bug spray, and headed to the museum. I also took my mom just incase I was too creeped out and Michael wanted to touch some bugs. I can honestly say I learned more from Michael that day than I thought I would.

I had forgotten that toddlers are like sponges, and absorb everything. I caught him saying “EEEWWWWW” to the bugs, and realized I had been to vocal about my feelings towards that bugs, and not letting him decide on his own if it really is “eewww” or “coooool”. I had to take a step back and let him explore. I needed to see this Bug Fair through his eyes, and not my own.

These are the top moments from my experience at the bug fair with Michael.

He called them a “lobster” and made claw fists and was walking about the scorpion zone with claws.
He made the lobster connection since we were learning about sea animals the day before.


It was an endless 30 minutes of “WOOWWW”, “Ooohhhhhhh” and “Aahhhh”.

At First, I thought he was just acting and trying to be cute, but later noticed his excitement as he spent several seconds staring and admiring each butterfly. He signed “butterfly” to me, which made me 100% sure he knew what he was looking at. He”s seen countless butterflies in our yard, but none this huge, and definitely not any that are royal blue, and larger than his face. He clearly appreciated the butterflies and was even able to touch one that was out on display.













This category was the strangest for him since we rarely see beetles in the city. At first, he was unsure what he was looking at, but slowly was able to distinguish the feet, antenna, and even pointed out some eyes on the larger beetles. He did spend a long time observing and letting it all soak in, but I did hear

IMG_4433him say “eeww” a few times which is fine with me because it is his own opinion about the specific beetles.


Although my opinion on bugs has not changed, and I am still creeped out by them, I am so glad I was able to take Michael to the Bug Fair and expand his curiosity on bugs.

This may turn out to be a yearly tradition we do for him, but maybe next year, daddy will take him; I’m getting itchy just writing about the creepy crawlers.



Stay Hooked,



This week has been such a beautiful week. Not only did we welcome our newest bundle of pure joy, William, but I have also been nominated for the Liebster Award 2017 by the lovely Alina Marcu from www.breakthefog.wordpress.com. A sweet, kind hearted Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant. She is very dedicated to her blog, and writes from her heart. As a nutrition and lifestyle consultant, she encourages a healthy lifestyle, and is always thriving to live each day to the fullest.

Why and How I started my blog Hooked On Stories

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where you stop, take a look around, and realize that you love doing something so much that you are willing to spend endless amount of time on it. Before I started my blog, I was a teacher teaching ninth-grade English, at our local high school. After I got married, I started working with my husband at our family business as the office manager. When I became pregnant and slowly transitioned into a stay at home mom I wanted to continue to write because, well, 1. I love to write and 2. I wanted to write my story; hopefully, one day, somebody would find my story interesting and it would effect their life in a positive way. Since transitioning into a stay at home mom, I began to write, and while writing, I have discovered myself all over again, and am continuing to learn new things about myself. One of the biggest things that I have learned about life and myself is that every day is a new story, every day we write one page of our life, every day little stories make up the chapters of our lives. We get hooked on our life, hooked on little moments, and hooked on making ourselves better; Day in and day out. Hence “Hooked on Stories”.

Two Top Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Find your niche
    The most important thing you can do for your blog is find what you are going to write about. It’s important to know what you’re going to write about and put all your effort into that one niche. The more you write about different categories, the more unorganized the blog will be. Pick your one passion, your one calling, and write about that.
  2. Be Yourself
    Write like you talk. Don’t use a thesaurus to sound “smart” and don’t try to be like someone else. There is only one you. Let that you shine. The right audience will find you, and have a stronger engagement with your blog.


There are a few steps you have to take as you accept this award:

1.Write a post about how and why you’ve started this blog.
2. Include the person who nominated you into your post, add a link to their blog and a short description.
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
4. Give new bloggers two pieces of advice.
5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated for this award and provide the link to your post.
And now, the time has come. The bloggers I choose to nominate are:

  1. Vivienne Singer of The Wordy Mom
  2. Neuza Alexandra of Azuenture 
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*Do not forget to follow the rules presented above.

Stay Hooked on the Stories that create life’s chapters.



My Top 7 Life Lessons for New Moms

Becoming a mom has been a never-ending learning experience. With baby #2 coming in 7 very short days, I’ve decided to write a quick list of things I’ve learned since becoming a mom: just so I can remind myself when things get tough in the very near future.

  • LET. IT. GO. 

Whatever happened, whoever said it, for whatever reason it was said, just LET IT GO!
It’s not the end of the world. Life will go on, and your way will not always be the only right way.


Every child is different, grows differently, and develops at their own pace. If you compare kids, you’re only hurting yourself. After all, are any two adults the same? NO. No, they’re not. So stop wanting kids to be the same. Especially when you compare kids who are not even the same age. That’s just ridiculous.


We do the best we can as moms. We feed our children organic, we cook at home most of the time, we give them healthy and natural snacks with no sugars, no preservatives, and no additives. So every now and then, if they want to snack on some chips, or have some cake, or cookies, it’s ok.


Please, child, play outside, fall down, scrape your knees. Be a child.

We have our whole lives to sit in front of the TV, or tablet, or smartphone, but only once to play, laugh, and grow. The more they play and fall, the stronger they will be: both physically and mentally. How else are they going to learn to get back up when they fall down?


This actually goes back to not comparing kids. Every child will become potty trained when they are ready. If little Suzy was potty trained by 18 months, then GREAT, you just saved a lot of money on diapers. But if little 3-year old Johnny is still in Pull-Ups, that’s great too. When he’s ready, he will ditch the diapers for the big boy undies. Who are we to judge children, and other moms who are trying their very best, day in and day out.


Yes, we’re all supermoms in our own ways, but even supermoms need help. Does your husband want to cook dinner? Yes!! By all means, go for it. Just clean the dishes after, haha!
Is a family member offering to take the kids out for an hour? Yes! Please take them for two hours, feed them, and then bring them back.
Does your mother-in-law, sister, mom, grandma want to help clean the house? By all means, come on in!

There is NOTHING wrong with accepting help. It doesn’t make you weaker, or vulnerable. It makes you human. We forget that sometimes.  **Note to self** Don’t forget that!


Everyone will give your advice whether you like it or not. Some are pretty interesting, and others are just out of this world crazy!

You know your child best. Do what is best for your child, and don’t let what anyone says get to your heart: especially if the advice is coming from someone who isn’t even a parent. Some of those are just plain whack!

My advice is this: Listen to what others have to say, and you decide which advice stays and which you leave at the door. You and your partner can, and will, make the best decisions that work for you, your child, and your family.

The bottom line is this. Everything is going to be alright.

Que…Bob Marley – Everythings Going To Be Alright