My Top 7 Life Lessons for New Moms

Becoming a mom has been a never-ending learning experience. With baby #2 coming in 7 very short days, I’ve decided to write a quick list of things I’ve learned since becoming a mom: just so I can remind myself when things get tough in the very near future.

  • LET. IT. GO. 

Whatever happened, whoever said it, for whatever reason it was said, just LET IT GO!
It’s not the end of the world. Life will go on, and your way will not always be the only right way.


Every child is different, grows differently, and develops at their own pace. If you compare kids, you’re only hurting yourself. After all, are any two adults the same? NO. No, they’re not. So stop wanting kids to be the same. Especially when you compare kids who are not even the same age. That’s just ridiculous.


We do the best we can as moms. We feed our children organic, we cook at home most of the time, we give them healthy and natural snacks with no sugars, no preservatives, and no additives. So every now and then, if they want to snack on some chips, or have some cake, or cookies, it’s ok.


Please, child, play outside, fall down, scrape your knees. Be a child.

We have our whole lives to sit in front of the TV, or tablet, or smartphone, but only once to play, laugh, and grow. The more they play and fall, the stronger they will be: both physically and mentally. How else are they going to learn to get back up when they fall down?


This actually goes back to not comparing kids. Every child will become potty trained when they are ready. If little Suzy was potty trained by 18 months, then GREAT, you just saved a lot of money on diapers. But if little 3-year old Johnny is still in Pull-Ups, that’s great too. When he’s ready, he will ditch the diapers for the big boy undies. Who are we to judge children, and other moms who are trying their very best, day in and day out.


Yes, we’re all supermoms in our own ways, but even supermoms need help. Does your husband want to cook dinner? Yes!! By all means, go for it. Just clean the dishes after, haha!
Is a family member offering to take the kids out for an hour? Yes! Please take them for two hours, feed them, and then bring them back.
Does your mother-in-law, sister, mom, grandma want to help clean the house? By all means, come on in!

There is NOTHING wrong with accepting help. It doesn’t make you weaker, or vulnerable. It makes you human. We forget that sometimes.  **Note to self** Don’t forget that!


Everyone will give your advice whether you like it or not. Some are pretty interesting, and others are just out of this world crazy!

You know your child best. Do what is best for your child, and don’t let what anyone says get to your heart: especially if the advice is coming from someone who isn’t even a parent. Some of those are just plain whack!

My advice is this: Listen to what others have to say, and you decide which advice stays and which you leave at the door. You and your partner can, and will, make the best decisions that work for you, your child, and your family.

The bottom line is this. Everything is going to be alright.

Que…Bob Marley – Everythings Going To Be Alright



25 thoughts on “My Top 7 Life Lessons for New Moms

  1. simplegirl74 says:

    Amen to all of this! As a mother of eight and raising another grandchild I have realized we need to let it go more, and let them just be kids. We don’t need to be super moms because to our kids we are the best moms <3

  2. Becky says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! These tips are perfect for mums (especially new mums). I especially agree on not comparing your kids to others, and potty training. My MIL had told me to start potty training my son as soon as he was 1 year old (I kid you not) cos that is when she started potty training my hubby. But I started as soon as my son was ready, not when others did it! A huge well done!

  3. kayla8642 says:

    Love this! Completely agree with getting outside and getting dirty! Children should be outside exploring and having fun…not sitting in front of the TV!

  4. Krissy @thoughtfullyunraveled says:

    I’m not a mom yet, but hoping soon! These seem like really good reminders and lessons to keep in mind.

  5. Jhilmil says:

    wow such a beautiful post, we often need to be reminded of that, to let kids be just those innocent kids and not try to change them always! Great feeling to read this .

  6. Megan B. says:

    Let it go is the best advice on here. When you’re a new parent. People can be so much unsolicited advice. A lot of it’s either biased or just straight out rude and you just have to learn do not let it get under your skin.

  7. Shawna says:

    I absolutely love all of these suggestions, especially the one about not comparing children. My 2 year old is the complete opposite baby/child than my 15 year old was! And at first it actually scares me lol. But now I have just understood that all children are different. Great content here….. And congrats! I can’t wait to see pics of your new little one! ❤

  8. Brandi says:

    My favorite reminder was Get Dirty! You’re so right. Kids aren’t forced to be kids these days. It apart of the territory. I have to make my kids go outside or they’ll try to sit in the house on their device all day!

  9. tickledscarlett says:

    These are GREAT reminders! As new parents, we try to do it all and it is NOT possible sometimes. Take the help when offered 🙂 also, love how you pointed out all children are different & they develop at their own pace.

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