A Swaddled Baby is a Happy Baby

What is the #1 item that every newborn baby needs? You guessed it, a swaddle.

From the moment a baby is born, the nurses will clean the baby, swaddle them, and hand them to the mother for bonding. As newborns, babies are more comfortable being swaddled since they have been in a tight and confined place for the past 9 months. Although some people may argue against swaddling, I am all for it. I strongly believe that a swaddled baby is a happy baby. Finding the right swaddle is key. I have tried several different swaddles before finding one that works well with my baby. If you are still not convinced, read the advantages below of swaddling your baby.

Advantages of Swaddling:

  • Swaddling a baby, especially right after given milk, may lead to longer sleep. Even if the sleep is 30 minutes longer, hey! we’re talking 30 minutes of extra sleep for a sleep deprived mom.
  • T00A6422Swaddling a crying baby may soothe him/her.
    • If you’ve done the “shush” dance, rocked the baby, sang every lullaby you know, rubbed their tummy, and even gone outside for fresh air, swaddling might just be the answer.
  • Once the baby is a little older, maybe between 3-6 months, they become curious and want to pull and tug on everything. A baby who is not swaddled may be able to roll over and tug and pull at the crib bedding, or the crib bumpers which may suffocate him/her if it falls on their face. Having the baby swaddled keeps their hands by their side, and away from tugging at anything that may harm them.
  • Research has shown that a swaddled baby may reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
    • We all know that babies fidget a lot, they are constantly kicking their feet and moving their hands. Swaddling a baby and laying them on their back will keep them from potentially rolling over on their tummy. It’s one benefit that every mom can agree on.

I personally have many swaddles, all different sizes, from different companies, at different prices, but I’ve noticed I keep using one specific swaddle over and over again. My swaddle from SwaddledBabe has been my go to swaddle since William was born. Not only is it the largest swaddle in size, measuring 47″x47″, it has the perfect thickness. Some swaddles I have are so thin, I feel I need to place a blanket over my baby just to keep him warm, which can be dangerous because if he kicks his feet enough, the blanket can end up on his face and suffocate him. Other swaddles I have are so thick, my baby is sweating when I undo the swaddle which is very uncomfortable. My SwaddledBabe swaddles are 100% breathable muslin cotton which provides with the maximum air flow which keeps baby comfortable. But, my favorite aspect of these swaddles is the fact that they are machine washable and dryer friendly. I have some swaddles that need to be hung dry so they don’t shrink. Seriously, who has time to hang dry, then iron swaddles? Especially with a toddler running around and playing peek-a-boo with the hanging laundry.

So, why do I swaddle William?

T00A6427First, let me mention, that every child is different, and what works for one child, may not work for another. Maybe swaddling won’t work for your baby, but, I swaddle William for several reasons:

  • It calms him down when he is feeling uneasy.
  • He moves his arms so much when he is sleeping that he wakes himself up. When I swaddle him, he is unable to move his arms and sleeps longer and more peacefully.
    • Even when he is fussy, I wait until he has fallen asleep before swaddling him. That way I am not fighting him, and his moving arms.
  • I know I can have the air conditioning on during summer nights without having to place an extra blanket on top of the swaddle. These swaddles keep him nice and warm.
  • When people come to visit him, it is easier for my guests to hold him, and pass him around. I feel more comfortable having him swaddled since not everyone has kids, and not everyone knows how to hold a newborn.
  • He’s so cute as a little burrito. 🙂

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