Sleeping Baby Must Have

•• B A B Y •• S L E E P I N G ••

A big juggle for mama on vacation is what to do when baby sleeps during pool time fun.

The kids are screaming, laughing, and splashing away at the pool, the DJ is playing the latest hits, and hubby is enjoying a cool glass of beer at the swim up bar.

What about mama? With the MyBaby portable white noise machine, you can order your Ice blended Margarita, and lounge on the chair next to baby.

Ever since I learned about White Noise machines, they go with me everywhere. To the pool, to the park, every outing that includes a naptime. Since white noise eliminates most noises, baby doesn’t hear the DJ, or the other kids screaming and playing in the pool. Instead he sleeps under the hushing sound of ocean waves hitting the coastline.

There are many different sound machines out there. You just need to find the right one that works for you. I simply spent $25 for this machine this is the Homedics Sound Spa MyBaby portable white noise machine I found on Amazon. It is the best $25 I spent on a sleep aid for my children.

Total naptime on the lounge chair: 2 hours 🙌🏻

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