Hooked on Ball

In the Armenian culture, children (mainly boys) are exposed mostly to chess, soccer, weightlifting, and boxing, while girls do dance and/or ballet. Living freely in America is such a blessing for us because there is so much more out there that we can expose our children to. Of course Michael already has a chess set, and more soccer balls than I can keep track of, but we love exposing him to different sports and letting him find his niche.

I recently got him a Tee-Ball set, thinking it would be beneficial for his hand-eye coordination, and to my surprise, he used it several times before putting soccer balls on the tee, and trying to bat with the soccer balls. It was pretty funny, but at least he was hitting the ball (which was my main goal to begin with).

My husband wanted to see what Michael’s reaction would be if we took away the tee, and tried to pitch him the ball instead. To both of our surprise, he hit the ball on his very first try. Not only did he hit the ball, he “knocked it out of the park” as my husband likes to say.

My husband and I both believe the more he is exposed to different types of sports, he more well rounded he’ll be: both as an athlete, and as a person. In Armenia, baseball is unheard of, and American Football is not even an option. It’s interesting for us to see what kind of sport he will get into.

I grew up doing competitive gymnastics my whole life, while my husband played basketball, and was captain of our  high school water-polo team. We already know he’s going to participate in those sports because, well, why not?

I wonder, what are your thoughts on different types of sports? Do you believe in having your child stick to one sport, or introduced to a variety of sports? What route have you taken, and what was the outcome?

All the best,

Hooked on Pilates

Pilates Re-invented! 
Are you the type of person who is constantly looking for a new workout that will help you see results? Have you signed up for the gym, and every class they offer? Have you reached that point in your workout where you’re just not seeing results anymore? Welcome to my world!! As a former gymnast and dancer, finding a workout that is challenging, yet fun and quick is an impossible task (becuase in all reality, nobody wants to spend hours and hours at a gym). You must give Pilates a try. 
My aunt actually introduced me to Pilates when she found out I was pregnant, and wanted to help me stay in shape throughout my pregnancy. At first, I thought it was going to be very much like Yoga (which was way too slow for me, and to be honest, made me bored), so I was pretty skeptical about giving it a try. My aunt raved about it so much, and told me all the benefits she gained from Pilates during her pregnancy that I said to myself “why not?” so she actually helped me find a Pilates class nearby and I signed up right away for a free class. 
As I walked into my Pilates class, (WundaBar Pilates in Montrose, CA) I looked at the machines and thought to myself “This looks like a torture device!” but kept an open mind and a positive attitude towards the workout since I didn’t want to be too judgmental.  As I picked the machine that was off to a corner, just incase I embarrassed myself, I put my blue ribbon on my machine (so the instructor knows to modify my workouts for my growing bump) I got ready for the most interesting workout I had ever had. 
By the time the 45 minute class was over, I felt my muscles shaking in places I had forgotten I had muscles. Everything from my shoulders, down to my calf muscles were tingling. I didn’t know a workout that short could be a complete workout from head to toe. I was probably sweating more in that  45 minute class that I did running at the gym and lifting weights while taking long breaks between sets. Becuase the instructor is constantly changing exercises for the class, you don’t know what’s coming next, and your mind is constantly working to make sure the exercise is being executed correctly. 
The 45 minute class included everything from pliés on the ballet bar (the blue bar), to the most difficult planks you have ever done, and triceps and biceps using your own body weight while you are on the WundaFormer Carriage which moves back and forward (which you have to keep stable by engaging your abdominal muscles).  There were so many different exercises done in the 45 minute class that it’s difficult to remember all of them in order. All I can truly say is that it was by far the most interesting and effective workout I had done in a very long time. 
I woke up the next morning and felt every inch of my body sore, you know, the good sore that people strive to get after spending hours and hours at the gym. Except, I don’t have hours and hours to spend at the gym anymore, my WundaBar Pilates class was the only workout I needed. 
I highly recommend everyone to give Pilates a try. Keep in mind that different studios have different machines, you need to find the studio that best fits your needs. Take advantage of the studios’ “Free Trial Class” and see which Pilates Studio is best fit for you. I’m so glad I listened to my aunt and gave Pilates a try. It is definitely a workout I will be able to do throughout my pregnancy, and plan to stick with it for years to come.