6 Ways to Take Care of MOM

You have just finished an epic 15 loads of laundry; including the bed sheets, towels, dish towels, mop pads, and everything else you could get your hands on. The stove is spotless, not a single dish in the sink, and the sink hasn’t sparkled like this in ages. The kids are fed, showered, and all tucked in bed. The hubby is out with the boys celebrating a successful and tiring week of work. Before you know it, it’s 11pm; way past your bedtime, and you realize you haven’t done anything to take care of yourself.

As moms, it’s so easy, and natural, to take care of our children, significant other, and all the housework, that we forget one important person to take care of. MOM! It doesn’t take much to take care of ourselves, but we don’t really make it a priority. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

It doesn’t take much, here are 6 simple things to do to take care of MOM.

1. Appointments — When is the last time you took the kids to a doctor’s appointment for a check up, or to a scheduled appointment they had? I’m sure you know the date, time, doctor’s name, what was discussed, what was planned. Now what about MOM? How many times have you postponed, or cancelled an appointment because of kids, errands to run, or whatever reason, and told yourself “it will get better on its own”. I know I have. I’ve postponed so many doctors and dentists appointments, I can’t even keep track. Make your appointment and go. A healthier you, is a healthier mama. You deserve it!

2. Mani/pedi — Take a look at your nails. Are your cuticles growing in? Nail polish falling off? Go. Get it done. Let someone else take care of your hands and feet. Sit back, and relax. You deserve it!

3. Make-up — You know when your children are finally taking a nap, or when you wake up early and everyone is still asleep, take 5-10 minutes and put on some make up. Whether or not you’re rocking your mom-bun, put on a little bit of make up and rock a glowing face. You deserve it!

4. Bath Soaking — You give your children their baths every day, but when it comes to you, you take the fastest 2 minute shower so you can get back to work taking care of your kids, family, job, and keep the house running like clockwork. Mama needs a break too. Take out your favorite bath bomb, or favorite essential oils, or even bath salts. Go ahead, soak it all in. Take 30 minutes, heck, take an hour. Have a glass of wine? Take it with you. You deserve it!

5. Shopping — I don’t know about you, but 80% of my shopping is either for the kids, or items needed around the house. I don’t remember the last time I had a shopping trip for myself where I’m not buying nursing tops or nursing bras. We tend to always get things for our family, and never have enough energy, or time to try on that cute shirt on the hanger, or the dress that you know would look awesome on you. Go ahead. Leave the kids with a baby sitter, and go! Try on clothes, get something that will put a smile on your face because MAMA deserves it!

6. Date Night— If you have a toddler, or a preschooler, you’ve probably answered your child’s same question over and over and over again: “Mama, what’s that?”. You need a break. Every now and then, you truly deserve to get away.  A date night can unwind both parents. It’s a way to get out of the house, have some adult talk, and come home energized, relaxed, and refreshed. You know why? You deserve it! My simple tip for date night: don’t talk about work or kids. Talk about your relationship outside the house, what makes you stronger as a couple, and what you both need to work on. It will truly put both parents on the same page.

There are many ways to take care of MOM, I hope this list helps, and motivates, you to put yourself first.

Take care, MOM. You truly deserve it.


Hooked on Ball

In the Armenian culture, children (mainly boys) are exposed mostly to chess, soccer, weightlifting, and boxing, while girls do dance and/or ballet. Living freely in America is such a blessing for us because there is so much more out there that we can expose our children to. Of course Michael already has a chess set, and more soccer balls than I can keep track of, but we love exposing him to different sports and letting him find his niche.

I recently got him a Tee-Ball set, thinking it would be beneficial for his hand-eye coordination, and to my surprise, he used it several times before putting soccer balls on the tee, and trying to bat with the soccer balls. It was pretty funny, but at least he was hitting the ball (which was my main goal to begin with).

My husband wanted to see what Michael’s reaction would be if we took away the tee, and tried to pitch him the ball instead. To both of our surprise, he hit the ball on his very first try. Not only did he hit the ball, he “knocked it out of the park” as my husband likes to say.

My husband and I both believe the more he is exposed to different types of sports, he more well rounded he’ll be: both as an athlete, and as a person. In Armenia, baseball is unheard of, and American Football is not even an option. It’s interesting for us to see what kind of sport he will get into.

I grew up doing competitive gymnastics my whole life, while my husband played basketball, and was captain of our  high school water-polo team. We already know he’s going to participate in those sports because, well, why not?

I wonder, what are your thoughts on different types of sports? Do you believe in having your child stick to one sport, or introduced to a variety of sports? What route have you taken, and what was the outcome?

All the best,